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We then use only high end professional audio equipment and professional audio software to clean up as much tape noise and hiss as possible.Instead of losing the videos you have recorded on the tapes, you can transfer their contents to your computer.But with the advancement of technology, audio tapes have fallen way behind and CDs have taken their place.

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Shop all Shop by Room Living Room Bedroom Bathroom Dining Room.Specializing in conversion and transfer of VHS video tapes to DVD discs, as well as many other formats including: Compact VHS (C-VHS), MiniDV, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, (all 8mm casettes, Audio Casette tapes, CDs and computer video and audio formats.Using a cassette player with headphone input, you can use a PC with a line-in connection to stream and record the tapes on your PC, save them in digital format, and later burn them onto CD. Google it.

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Transfer your cassette recording to CD, DVD or MP3 and play anywhere and anytime.This does not include quality blank CDs (not all CDs are created equal) and all the time you will need to setup and learn how to use all of this on your own.Your best source for video tape transfer to DVD and Digital files in Winnipeg We transfer VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, Hi8, Sony 8mm and MiniDV to DVD or.MP4 files on a USB stick.

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There are many reasons why you might want to transfer an audio recording from cassette to CD.Transfer your old audio cassettes to CD with the leading audio transfer company in MN. 4 convenient metro locations waiting to serve you.

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Runs on both PC and Macintosh Computers and includes a full set of sound cleaning filters.

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Transfer Cassette to CD or MP3 AudioMover is the national leader for converting your cassettes to digital.Just plug in your converter and start recording using the software.

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It faithfully converts LPs, cassettes, and CDs to MP3 format (in addition to WMA and PCM formats) and stores converted audio onto a computer via the included USB cable.Rare formats such as BetamaxSP, Umatic, S-VHS, VHS-c and Betamax.Place the cassette tape into the deck and make sure to rewind it all the way on side A.We are experts in the restoration, accurate audio tape transfer, digital preservation and migration of analogue and digital audio tape.

I want to digitize my old cassette collection, rather than pay again for a bunch of songs I already own.We can transfer your audio cassettes to CD and preserve your treasured recordings.Converting a cassette tape to a CD provides an easier way to listen to what was on the cassette tape, A cassette-to-CD record turntable that has both a cassette player and a CD burner will let you convert the cassette tape to a CD without the need of a computer or software programs.We can also help restore your old, damaged or distorted audio caused by exposure, age, poor recording levels, and more.Any software capable of sound recording will do it, even the wee little sound recorder thingie you get with Windows.

Providing you with DV or Quicktime videos files so you may edit your Hi8, VHS, VHCs, 8mm tape, Pal, Secam and NTSC tapes, MiniDV and Digital8 tapes yourself.This will prevent your computer from recording external audio (e.g., background noise) while creating a clean, high-quality recording of your cassette.

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