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Note that in all methods of ring sizing, any stones, settings, insets or inlays run the risk of being damaged.Ring sizing is one of the most common repairs done in a jewelry repair shop.A lot of people are talking about coin rings, which are made by hammering the edge of a coin with a hammer.To determine the most accurate ring size, the ring should cover the circle so that the black circle touches the inside of the ring.Submerge the Amber in water, exposing the back half of the ring.

Method 2 Ring sizing made easy Please measure a ring that fits you or your partner: - Go ahead and place the ring that fits you over the circle, making sure that the inside part of the ring lines up with the.

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Also check my past post on Good calipers are much more accurate than rulers.If you want to wear ring upon ring (multiple rings on one finger) When buying multiple rings to wear on one finger, please consider that the rings should be one size bigger than your regular size.Ring Size Chart (Word document) Below is a ring size chart that can be used to determine the size of a ring.

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To make a ring smaller, take the ring to a professional jeweler and ask for it to be resized.

These small, round beads are produced in the same metal as your ring and are soldered into the lower third of the ring.But if the ring needs to be resized by more than one size, it will get difficult.

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Through mismeasurement and a tiny bit of miscommunication, I have a beautiful, handmade just for me engagement ring that is half a size too big.Use a ring that is similar to the one that you are buying, as your ring size can vary between a wide and a narrow ring shank.

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Her mother, sister or best friends usually know this type of information.However, it is possible to learn of your ring size without having to go to the jeweler.

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But if you want to save yourself the trouble of going to the shop, here are two simple ways that will help you to.How to Make a Ring Out of a Quarter Yes, you can make a ring out of a coin and its frowned upon to do this to money so do it at your own risk.

The best way to find out is to have it professionally measured by your local jeweler.Our rings are sized based on the Pepe brand ring sizing gauges measure to the middle of the ring.

At Fast-Fix we take pride in the quality of our work-especially ring sizing.The mandrel method is generally the least traumatic to the ring if done carefully.Option I: Use sizer to measure finger. l. Cut out the sizing guide to the right. 2. Wrap the sizer around the knuckle (or widest part) of the finger to be sized.The concept not only applicable for the women but also similarly suitable for men.

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Order your free ring sizer from to get an accurate measurement before making that all important order.

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Ring making can be a breeze with these five easy steps for forming rings and a no-fail ring sizing chart based on metal sheet gauge.